Askneo Media

AskNeo Media

A visionary tech & creative company

Helping brands unify customer engagement

“Let me transfer you”, “contact sales on Monday”, “could you explain your issue again?”

Sales, marketing and customer success work in silos.

Leveraging both human input and automations, helps consumer brands unify the customer experience to deliver the best results.

AskNeo Branding

Helping brands translate their vision into reality

AskNeo Branding works with founders and operators to translate their vision into the real world.

Why does a brand exist? What are its values? What reputation?

AskNeo Branding build identities through colors, fonts, logos, websites, flyers, sounds, and much more.

AskNeo Content

Helping startups to be true to themselves

AskNeo Content helps busy startups and entrepreneurs build, produce and post the best content.

Every channel might be relevant such as blog, social media, SEO landing pages, in-person events, or SMS newsletters. Zero spam!

Each company is different, so each content strategy is unique.

AskNeo Sports

Helping athletes find their path to success

AskNeo Sports gathers all aspects of AskNeo Media into a dedicated team for Sports teams, eSport companies, and athletes.

AskNeo Sports builds dedicated strategies to help athletes position themselves during and after their sports career and successfully transition to their post-athlete life.

The Neo Club

Helping entrepreneurs succeed

The Neo Club is a private club for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs.

For $1 a day, Neo Club members get access to exclusive events and unique mentorship. Events are always curated and vendor-free.