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The Neo Club

The first private club by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

For $1/day, be a part of the most curated entrepreneurs’ club and get access to non-listed events at exclusive venues.




The Neo Club is a vendor-free club. Only entrepreneurs, investors, and creators might apply to join.


Small Gatherings

Rooftop Parties

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Private Events

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“I was fed up with networking events where everyone is trying to sell you their stuff. So I started my own events centered on authenticity.”

Lio Slama, CEO @AskNeo

Who we are

We are a group of successful entrepreneurs who once started from scratch. We didn’t know anyone or how to get started.

We went to countless networking events to come back home with a stack of 10+ cards from inauthentic vendors: accountants, lawyers, pay-per-click marketers...

Whether to find a cofounder, to get genuine feedback, or to simply enjoy the night, it’s so hard to cut through the noise and not waste your time.

That’s why we started the Neo Club: we cut through the noise for you and make sure every member is either an entrepreneur, an investor, or a creator

Being an entrepreneur is lonely, so surrounding yourself with people who aspire to the same goals and ambitions already puts you in a different league. You need meet with people who understand the challenges you want to tackle and grow together.


Where is the Neo Club?

Events are organized in New York City. We usually gather on rooftops but occasionnaly at other types of high-end venues.

How many events can I attend?

You can attend as many events as you’d like, there is no limit. Events are on a monthly and weekly basis based on the venue.

Can I attend one of your events if I’m not a member?

Every attendee needs to be a member of the Neo Club in order to attend one of our events. We do not let non-members attend or add their name at the end of the list at the entrance.

Ok but what if I bring a friend?

Yes, as a member you can bring a +1 or +2 depending on the venue. Just make sure to communicate your guests' names in advance so they can be on the list. This way, we can ensure the quality of each event 🙂

How many people attend each event?

We organize small gatherings of 5-10 people up to 150 people. We tend to limit the crowd to 100 people maximum thought to keep everyone comfortable. We never overcrowd our gatherings.

What’s the vibe at the Neo Club?

Music is never too loud so everyone can chat without breaking their voice. There is no formal dress code but you will not be admitted if you wear shorts, flip flops, or other vacation attire.

Do you invite speakers?

Yes, we invite speakers from time to time. We usually start witha fireside chat followed by QA, and then the networking continues. We also organize small gathering around certain topics.

Can I get feedback or mentorship?

We will offer 1:1 feedback and mentorship session soon.

Are you affiliated with any of the venues or speakers?

No. We are not affiliated with any of the venues or speakers. We invite people to speak if we think it could insipire the members. Venues are happy to host the Neo Club because it helps them activate their space and bring like-minded people to the table.

I’m just getting started with my idea. Can I join?

It depends. If you are looking to break into VC or are looking for a startup job, this is not the right place. If you are genuinely starting your own company or fund and are not sure how to, this is the perfect place for you. We make sure to keep a fine balance between the members, from first-time founders to veteran entrepreneurs and investors.

I’m an artist / creator. Can I join?

Yes, we welcome artists, content creators, and everyone in between who’s a creative person. In the event we organized, at least 25% of the crowd was composed by artists and creators.